Package dependencies#

Dependencies for the ansys-dpf-core package are automatically checked when the package is installed. Package dependencies are:

For ansys-dpf-core<0.10.0, the ansys.dpf.gate, ansys.dpf.gatebin and ansys.grpc.dpf modules are not included and are dependencies:

  • ansys.dpf.gate, which is the gate to the DPF C API or Python gRPC API. The gate depends on the server configuration:

  • ansys.grpc.dpf is the gRPC code generated from protobuf files and is a dependency of ansys-dpf-gate.

  • ansys.dpf.gatebin is the operating system-specific binaries with DPF C APIs and is a dependency of ansys-dpf-gate.

Optional dependencies#

For plotting, you can install these optional Python packages: