DPF operators provide for manipulating and transforming simulation data.

From DPF Server for Ansys 2023 R2 and later, the licensing logic for operators in DPF depend on the active ServerContext.

The available contexts are Premium and Entry. Licensed operators are marked as in the documentation using the license property. Operators with the license property as None do not require a license check-out. For more information about using these two contexts, see Server context. Click below to access the operators documentation.


Click here to get started with operators available in DPF.


For Ansys 2023 R1 and earlier, the context is equivalent to Premium, with all operators loaded. For DPF Server 2023.2.pre0 specifically, the server context defines which operators are loaded and accessible. Use the PyDPF-Core 0.7 operator documentation to learn more. Some operators in the documentation might not be available for a particular server version.